Deadly Heist is out!

Shockwave195x300The new Countdown To Danger book is finally here! In Deadly Heist, the reader makes all the choices while racing the clock. You might foil a robbery, catch a corrupt cop or even save the world–but hurry, the clock is ticking. I’ve also made a special playlist–30 minutes of my favourite heist-themed action music–that you can stream while you read the book on Spotify. Readers aged 8-12 will adore the Countdown To Danger series, which has also been translated into French and Dutch.

400 Minutes Of Danger cover artAre you shopping for a reluctant reader? The 9-14 year old (meaning everyone from precocious 9-year olds to more reluctant 14-year olds) who enjoys watching ordinary kids escape from terrifying situations will love 400 Minutes Of Danger, my book of interlinked short stories about volcanoes, sinking ships and deadly animals. They might also like 300 Minutes of Danger, the previous book in the franchise. (Stay tuned for news about the TV series!)

The Cut OutThe 10-15 year old who likes spies, lies and gadgets will love The Cut Out, my action-packed (and multi-award-nominated) espionage thriller about a case of mistaken identity that might just prevent a terrorist attack. Think junior Jason Bourne, but set in a fictionalised version of Ukraine’s Russian border. (Be warned: after the twist ending, your 10-15-year old will beg to read the sequel, The Fail Safe.)

replica-coverThe 12-17 year old who likes robots, romance and rebellion will get a kick out of Replica, my TV-optioned thriller in which an android must pretend to be an ordinary teenage girl in order to unravel the mystery of her creator’s murder. Think Westworld for teens; this is an action-packed conspiracy thriller about what it means to be human.

All these books and more are available from your local bookstore and online.