400 Minutes Of Danger

400 minutes cover hi resBrad has fallen into the lion enclosure, and the big cats are hungry.
Charith takes the wheel of an out-of-control bus after an explosion.
Iresha is sent on a dangerous mission to explore the ocean floor, and hears strange noises from beneath the seabed.
Daniel crawls into a waste crusher after a building collapses – and then it gets switched on.
Tak’s class goes on an excursion to an army base, and now an experimental military robot is hunting them.

Featuring deadly snakes, sinking ships, gigantic mosquitoes, lethal glaciers and more, 400 Minutes Of Danger is a non-stop thrill ride for kids aged 8+. It is a sequel to the award-nominated 300 Minutes Of Danger, but you don’t need to read that first. Watch the trailer on YouTube!