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To be published in July 2018. More details coming soon.

The Fero Files

The Cut Out (2015 – a CBCA notable book, shortlisted for an Aurealis Award)
A boy on the Russian border is mistaken for a spy – and then forced by his sinister government to become one.
The Fail Safe (2016)
With two countries hunting him, Fero must work out how to prevent nuclear war.

The Danger series

300 Minutes Of Danger (2015 – named a CBCA Notable Book)
Ten dangerous situations. Ten brave kids. Thirty minutes to escape.
400 Minutes Of Danger (2016)
Killer robots, giant mosquitoes, sinking ships and more!
500 Minutes Of Danger (July 2017)
Quicksand! Giant crocodiles! Treasure hunting! Doomsday bunkers! This is the most over-the-top and dangerous collection yet.
Countdown To Danger: Bullet Train Disaster (2016)
After an accident on a train, you have thirty minutes to save the passengers – and yourself. You choose the ending!
Countdown To Danger: Shockwave (2016)
When someone claiming to be a federal agent washes up on the beach, you have to decide who to trust.
Countdown To Danger: Deadly Heist (February, 2017)
When four criminals charge into a bank before your eyes, it’s up to you to save the people inside.

The Scream Series

The Human Flytrap (May, 2015)
When Josh moves into a creepy new house, a dangerous neighbour might be the least of his worries.
The Spider Army (May, 2015)
When one of Yvette’s inventions gets her into trouble, she’s sent to clean up the school library. But the legendary blue-back spider doesn’t like its territory getting invaded…
The Haunted Book (August, 2015)
A cabin in the mountains. The diary of a madman. Movement in the haunted lake. It all adds up to a spooky weekend for Dale.
The Squid Slayer (August, 2015)
Sarah loves ghost stories. But when she investigates a shipwreck near her houseboat, she discovers something far more deadly than restless spirits…

The Ashley Arthur series

Money Run (2008 – shortlisted for a Nottinghamshire Brilliant Book Award)
Hit List
(2010 – shortlisted for a YABBA and a KOALA)

The Six of Hearts series

The Lab (2006)
Remote Control (2007, out of print – shortlisted for an Aurealis Award)
Third Transmission (2009)
Dead Man Running (2011, out of print)

Other novels

Replica (2014)
A robot must pretend to be human so she can find out who killed her maker.
Ink, Inc. (2013)
A psychopath must escape from his kidnapper before the drug which gives him a conscience wears off.


Crossover (published in the same volume as Ink, Inc.)(2013)

Short stories

Sleep (2006)
Emma (2007)
Method Living (2008)
Right Angles and Hair (2008)
Flesh (2009)
The Caretakers (2010)
Rats (2013 – shortlisted for an Aurealis Award)
Evidence (2014)
In Case Of Emergency (2016)


Aurealis Awards Best Sci-fi Novel shortlist (2008): Remote Control
ACT Young Australian of the Year (2009)
National Year of Reading “Our Story” Collection shortlist (2012): Hit List
Nottinghamshire Brilliant Book Awards shortlist (2013): Money Run
Aurealis Awards Best Short Story shortlist (2013): Rats
Kids Own Australian Literature Award shortlist (2014): Hit List
Young Adult Best Book Award shortlist (2014): Hit List
Aurealis Awards Best Children’s book shortlist (2016): The Cut Out
CBCA Book of the Year: Younger Readers Notable Book: 300 Minutes Of Danger
CBCA Book of the Year: Younger Readers Notable Book: The Cut Out