Money Run

What would you do for $200 million?

Ashley Arthur is a teenage thief – the best there is. She’s discovered that there’s $200 million hidden in the office building of a local billionaire.

Her plan is simple. Get in, get rich, and get out.

But she doesn’t know that the billionaire has enemies. Like the assassin who breaks into the building on the same day she does, and who needs Ash out of his way.

Pretty soon, Ashley isn’t worried about getting out with the $200 million. She’d be happy just to get out alive.

*Shortlisted for the Nottinghamshire Brilliant Book Award*

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“Humour, suspense, intrigue, action and that character-driven stuff your English teacher is always going on about. It’s part-24, part-Alias, all-kickass, and a highly recommended read.”
William Kostakis, author of Loathing Lola
“I sometimes overuse certain words and phrases when writing reviews. Prime examples would be: “hi-octane”, “roller coaster ride”, “edge of your seat”… clichéd though these may be I still want to use every single one of them (and more) to describe Money Run.”
—Darren, The Book Zone

“In a world that has seen a huge number of thrillers written for the 11+ age group over the past decade this one feels fresh and original and if the sequel was out already I would have started reading it as soon as I had finished this one.”
—Darren, The Book Zone

“The many plot twists keep everyone, most importantly the reader, guessing until the end. Bond without the sexism, Spy Kid without the childishness.”
—The Sunday Age

“The impressive aspect of 22-year-old Jack Heath’s latest book for young adults is its sheer inventiveness. ASIO should really give him a call.”
—Dianne Dempsey, The Age

“(Money Run and Hit List are) two adrenalin-fuelled and highly addictive teen action adventures from a rising star writer.”

“Really, really hard to put down.”
—Michael Jensen,

“It’s edge of your seat and you don’t stop guessing until the very last page. Brilliant.”
Tansy Gardam, author of Chalumeau.

Money Run is no pushover and there are several deceptions, subplots, and plenty of other things to mull over whilst reading the 300-odd page novel. Jack Heath writes a compelling yet clean story that doesn’t shy away from blood but doesn’t indulge in it either. It’s a fun read for anyone.”
—Rhys, ThirstforFiction.

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Those are just the favourable reviews, of course. If you’re searching for unfavourable reviews of Jack’s books, then his official website seems like a ridiculous place to look.

Still, we are a little bit ridiculous here. Try the critical critics section.

We care about the environment – we don’t want the world to turn into Jack’s grim vision of it in the Six of Hearts series. So all books sold from this site are printed on recyclable paper grown in sustainable forests, and shipped (in bulk) in biodegradable foam. When writing the originals, Jack avoids printing out drafts whenever possible (although some say he’s just lazy.)