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“(400 Minutes Of Danger) will be great for readers who like their action fierce and pacey. The time markers on the page help the reader keep track of the remaining time and help monitor the tension. There’s a good balance between male and female protagonists, working alone and working together. Recommended for mid- to upper-primary readers, and secondary readers looking for a quick and accessible read. Young writers might also look at the time markers to see how pacing is used to progress the plot.” Claire Saxby,

“(300 Minutes Of Danger) makes great reading for young people, including boys, who aren’t used to sustained reading but want to read something worthwhile. Each chapter is a thrilling 30-minute episode in the life of a young person who must survive insurmountable odds. The writing is crisp and clear – and you could even set a challenge of trying to read each chapter in 30 minutes, real time! Great reading, which may spur reluctant readers onto other action-packed reading.” Lynda, Goodreads

“The Cut Out is the best book Jack Heath has written so far. It is a fast-paced, relentless action adventure full of spies, secrets and double-crosses… I was “with” Fero all the way and actually gasped out loud a couple of times.” Sue Osburn, Goodreads

“(The Fail Safe is) an exhilarating sequel to The Cut Out. Readers of the first book will be expecting another page turner, another late night… and they won’t be disappointed. Its themes of war (and its senselessness), border control, immigration, government deception and the power of social media make it an interesting novel for class discussion.” Daniela Andrews, Buzz Words

“The opening chapters are honestly some of the best of any book that I’ve read and it doesn’t really relent right up until the end. (Replica) is a smart YA novel that is action-packed and thought provoking, that raises some really interesting debate.” Adam Kirtland, Goodreads

“(The Spider Army) is skin tingling, arachnid awesomeness. The Scream Series will have kids shivering under their sheets with a flash light well into the night. Terrific horrific little exposes about the life of two kids who live in the creepy town of Axe Falls and the weird creatures and going ons they encounter (and battle violently against). Highly recommended (unless you have a spider thing).” Dimity Powell, Goodreads

“The Fail Safe is an action packed adventure, great for young readers. Something is happening in each chapter that will keep readers on their toes, which is a good pace for a thriller for kids. It is a definite page turner.” Kristyn M Levis, Reading Time

“I would recommend (Countdown To Danger: Shockwave) for ages 7+ – I think boys would enjoy these storylines the most. Kids who like adventure and making up their own stories will really like this book.” Book Boy